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What a great idea from Leeds Art Gallery…

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But now have to start another one.

Last Lectures…

It’s a funny thing term ending. Everyone is so stressed about upcoming deadlines and exams that everything else seems to fall by the wayside. Today I had my very last lecture as a second year student, never again will I sit at the back of the theatre whilst the lecturer drones on and think, ‘oh it doesn’t matter too much, I’m only a second year’. No, because next year I will be a third year. Encumbered by yet another year of student loans and tuition fees, burdened by the ever heavier weight of dissertations and the knowledge that in just a few short months I will be spat out into the big wide world like a chewed up, stressed out piece of old gum.

Happy thoughts I know for a Thursday afternoon, but what can I say. I’m an optimist.

The trouble is, in the meantime I am still a second year, so that means essay deadlines and exam revision; I’m moving house in a couple of months time and I have yet to come up with any ideas about how I am going to pay my rent over the summer (seeing as of last week we are officially back in a recession and there aren’t very many jobs going spare).

It’ll be no real shock when I say that I haven’t been my usual self, social-butterfly that I am (or not as the case may be). Sparing time to see my friends has not been a priority for a while, it had almost slipped my mind that a few of my them, I might not see again. Some have been doing a year abroad here and will be going home soon, some are doing a placement year or will be soon off to do their own year abroad. When they return I’ll be graduating. I’m confidant (or naive) enough to say that those who I really want to keep in contact with, I will. And living in the age of social networking makes that easier than ever. However it is still strange saying goodbye to someone knowing if we ever cross paths again it will be some time much later in the future when we’re older, greyer, hopefully wiser. It may be at some sort of reunion, maybe in twenty years time when we all have kids, mortgages, wider waistlines and receding hairlines.

Then again, you never know, I might not graduate and see them all again in September.

Lotherton Hall Exterior, including the Medieval Chapel

Interiors at Lotherton Hall

Student Unions…

I can’t be the only person in the world who has seen someone in a position of power come up with a solution to a problem and thought - ‘That’s stupid. I could fix that problem much better than you. Why do you have that job and not me? You are stupid’

Now compared to people that look at problems with world politics or taxes or city planning, my problems are a lot smaller than that. But in the words of Ronnie Barker in Porridge, “It’s all about scale”. And right now, my scale goes about as high as the Student Union.

In the Leeds Student newspaper today some wise oracle has suggested that the reason students get so stressed out in exam season isn’t anything to do with it being -ahem- exam season or that everyone’s deadlines are in the same week, but it’s because we’ve got nowhere to relax. Well, apart from our homes, the refectory, the 2 bars we have on campus, the countless cafés, the ‘lounge’ or the ‘treehouse’ (spaces which I’m pretty sure one would be able to relax in seeing as there are comfy chairs, pool tables, power sockets to charge your phones or laptops, vending machines etc). No, we need more places and more to the point one specifically for relaxing. Preferably one named The Relaxing Space.

So, the Union proposes to spend money converting an area into a relaxing space, rather than, oh I don’t know, not letting the Tap Dancing Society practise their tap dances right in the middle of The Lounge as they are doing in front of me right now. It’s very nice ladies keep it up. It’s not like some of us are trying to relax here. I’ll just wait until the Union has made a space specifically for me to relax in, right next door to this room, where your tap shoes will only feel like small drills in my brain rather than really really big ones. 


On the 25th of February I was part of something magical…

(in)Xclusion is a creative research project exploring issues of exclusion through the mode of Live Art practice. A free and open event taking place at Patrick Studios over 24 hours.

(in)Xclusion is a platform event and will showcase new work from 24 artists/groups from Yorkshire, nationally and internationally.

24 hours - 25th February 2012

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